I am Elena, restless, dreamer, traveler, stubborn, talkative…

I’ve always loved the world of crafts, but I think it was a result of having my two princess in the inspiration that I have woken up with more force.

I am always  between sewing needles and threads…

Bags, snack bags, blankets, pillows, cases, toilet bags, school robes, carrying bags, bathrobes, all kinds of orders.

Every piece is 100% hand made with love.

Let’s go to enjoy my collection of crafts  !!!!!

CSC_1096 CSC_1097

CSC_1100CSC_1098 CSC_1099  CSC_1101CSC_1129CSC_1134CSC_1141CSC_1131CSC_1133CSC_1132   CSC_1142CSC_1140   DSC_1002DSC_1017  DSC_1009DSC_1007  DSC_1016 DSC_1049CSC_1094



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